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Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

This page discloses our privacy policy where we openly explain the ways we gather, use, store, disclose, and manage our users’ data and information.

WorkPar has provided this privacy policy to notify you of the policies and procedures taken during the collection, usage, and disclosure of information:

  • That comes through our website;
  • That comes through links from websites, applications, features, widgets, and all other online services controlled by WorkPar.
  • Information collected offline by WorkPar.

This privacy policy also dictates your choices when accessing, using, updating, and correcting your personal information. All your information collected can be combined generally or offline.

Not all features that are explained here are offered. You need to go through our terms of service which offer guidance on how to use our website.

Read the below short summaries of our privacy policy to get to know and understand our data practices.

Table of Contents


This service can be used by agencies, freelancers, or clients.

1.2 Information You Provide to Us

The information we collect when you use the service include:

  • Your personal information. Includes your name, contact information, financial information for payment of the services we provide and information for use when filing tax forms.
  • Your experience with our services which we compare to other users’.
  • Contacts of friends you wish to add to a messaging room.

Agencies are required to submit their Freelancers’ information.

  • Personal Information: This usually includes names, phone numbers, email addresses, or company addresses that we use to identify individuals or agencies specifically and contact them.
  • Payment Information: These include bank accounts information, credit cards, and billing addresses that we collect if you make or receive a payment on our website.
  • Identity Verification: The government requires us to verify your identity. This is why we ask for your national identity card or billing statement. Additionally, we may ask for personal information such as your taxpayer identification number and your date of birth for complete tax filings and the verification of your identity.
  • General Audience Service: It is a policy of our service not to involve anyone who has not attained the age of 18. Anyone younger than 18 is regarded as a minor and knowingly, we cannot collect their data. We delete from our files commercially and reasonably all users proved to be below the age of 18. If you come across any proof that someone using our services has not attained the age of 18, please don’t hesitate to email us.
  • Information and Usernames that are non-identifying: Non- identifying information we may collect include demographic data, zip codes, and information that concerns the services we offer. Information is collected from both the registered users of WorkPar and the unregistered ones. Using the hash function information can be converted to code. This information is known as Harsh information. It is personal information that is converted to non-identifiable information. It can connect your interest and activities but cannot identify you directly.
  • Combination of Personal and Non-Identifying Information: When non-identifying information is combined with personal information in a way that the owner can be identified, WorkPar views the combination as personal information. An example of this is when your name is combined is other information. When non-identifying information is combined with other non-identifying information, the overall information is viewed as non-identifying information. This may include a combination of information such as viewing preferences.
  • Collection of Third Party Personal Information: This is done with the main aim of adding your content to a messaging room. The information required includes personal information about friends. Both the first and the last name, and the email addresses are required.

It is a contractual obligation and not a statutory obligation for you to provide us with information. We can’t offer our services to you without you providing us with information. Contact us if you have any queries about the mandatory provision of information or consequences for withholding such information.

1.2 Information Collected on our website

As a result of interacting with our services, there is the information we and our third parties’ partners collect. The information may include, the browser you are using, the URL that referred you to us through an advertisement, what you searched on a search engine to be led to our services, what areas of the services you visited and the links you clicked on, all the pages you viewed and the duration you took, and other statistics such as content response times and download errors.

WorkPar and all its third parties need to access trends, monitor activities around the website and all its desktop and mobile apps, collect data of all the users and perform website administration. This leads to the use of cookies and other types of technologies.

  • Cookies: A cookie can be defined as a small data file used for record-keeping that can be transferred to your device’s hard disk. Together with our analytics, affiliates, and all services providers we use cookies to collect data. We use either persistent cookies that always remain on your device and Session ID cookies which expiry is determined by the length of your session.
  • Web Beacons: These are a form of website technology that enables us to keep track of the type of content that is relevant to you on our website. They are small graphics that are invisible to you that we and all our services providers use to keep track of all online activities of our users.
  • Embedded Scripts: To collect information on all your interactions with our services we use a programming code that is designed for that function known as Embedded scripts. Any time you disconnect from the services, the code is deleted because it is temporarily downloaded onto your computer. We use this code together with our affiliates, marketing partners, and all service providers to gather information about your interactions. device and is deactivated or deleted when you disconnect from the Service.

Furthermore, we and our marketing partners, affiliates, analytics, and service providers may use tags that we use to collect information that helps in security and fraud detection purposes. At times we may opt to use third parties to perform these services on our behalf.

2.0 The General Data Protection Regulation: Data Processing Agreement

WorkPar Data Processing Agreement (DPA) is per the European Data Protection legislation. This makes sure that what we do is per the General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR)

The Data Processing Agreement always applies unless there is an agreement in writing by you and WorkPar for your data to be processed as a personal controller per the General Data Protection Regulation.  applies.

2.1 Work Diaries and Work View

Freelancers can enable work diaries. When enabled we can share them with agencies and clients. We inform the freelancer whenever we are capturing information for the diary. The freelancer can in turn accept or block the data sharing. The information shared include the information that is automatically collated about work on a certain project

Information in work diaries is shared with clients and administrators of involved Freelancer agencies. Freelancers are notified when information for a work diary is captured. If the freelancer chooses to delete data for a recorded work interval as per the terms of service, he or she will not be paid for that work interval. Aggregated data from work diaries can be used by WorkPar for marketing, research, statistical analysis, and product development.

2.2 User Profiles

Freelancers, Clients, and Agencies can create profiles. Profiles contain publicly available information.

You can create a profile that includes your information such as.

  • Personal information and user name
  • Your work examples.
  • Pay rates and earnings information.
  • Tests that were taken and test scores
  • Feedbacks and ratings
  • Information on the work that is done through the service or outside the service.

It is always your choice to either make your WorkPar profile information visible to the general public or not. If the information changes with time, you can edit it in the profile settings on the account settings. There is an option of creating an organization profile. This applies to companies or agencies or clients associated with an individual user. Always request the removal of a profile if you are sure that it is an unauthorized one created about you through our email address.

2.3 Identity Verification

We place a premium on trust in our Service, so we may take steps to verify your identity.

We normally request or re-request for identity verification before the completion of registration by a freelancer. After clients submit a government identification card, we request them to participate in a video call. This is to confirm whether you are the real person as per the ID. The video calls are recorded. Screenshots can also be taken during the call. To prevent fraud, enforce our terms of service and verify your identity WorkPar accesses the information obtained.

2.4 Messaging

WorkPar offers a platform where Freelancers, Agencies, and Clients may communicate with each other. This can aid discussions of Client needs and Freelancer work proposals among freelancers, clients, and agencies. For communications between you and clients or agencies, the agency or the client will be the data controller.

2.5 Community Forums

When you participate in the public forums we offer your questions and comments can be viewed by the public.

Through community forums and other WorkPar interactive features, you get to post content on public forums and blogs. You can post your comments, questions, and other content through the features. Along with each content, you post your name and profile are publically displayed. Our terms of services and the WorkPar forum rules usually guide your use of our community forums.

It is important to note that all content you post in community forums is viewable by the public. Other people may share your information with third parties or use it themselves if they come across it. It will be very hard to protect your personal information if you choose to disclose it voluntarily along with posts in community forums. It will be considered public.

2.6 Testimonials

All testimonials and ratings from our customers are publically displayed. However, your name is only included if you approve. You can contact us if you wish to update or delete your testimonial through our several links.

2.7 Work Listings Through the Service

The content of work listings is viewed by the public if you post it through the services as a client. However, if you set the listings as private through the settings or only viewable through the service, the public will not view them. contents of work listings include; locations, budget, rating of clients and feedbacks, the history of the client’s work listing, names of the freelances doing a certain task for a client, and the time taken to perform a project.

2.8 Feedback

We always must collect the views from respective WorkPar users about their experience with the services offered and other WorkPar users of our services. Always have in mind before giving feedback that we will post it for public viewing. Feedbacks can be deleted only according to our Terms of Service. This occurs on rare occasions.

2.9 Email to Friends and Referral Program

Through the Service, WorkPar can allow you to send emails about the services you provide and how to purchase them and project postings to friends. Your email will be used to send the message on your behalf and copy you on the message. Your friend’s email serves as the sender of the requested posting. WorkPar stores this data to help send the one-time email and follow the referral program’s success.

2.10 Social Networking Services

You can use social networking services to create an account. When you create an account using social networking services or link your account to one, information about you is collected from the social network service you used. The privacy settings you have set on that social network service will determine the information we will collect about you. Content can be shared through these social networking services.


The information we collect through the Service is used to process your requests, make services we provide better, curb fraudsters, make available to your information and adverts of your interest, and comply with the law.


  • To finish your transactions, complete your registration, make sure the information you give to us is valid, run internal businesses, and improve the overall services we offer.
  • To provide you with WorkPar newsletters, materials for market promotion, any information that may be important to you, and to contact you on any communications about administrations. You can follow choices on Your Choices and Rights section if you do not want us to send such communications to you.
  • To make the content we display and the offers that we present you with. This can be on the Service or other online services.
  • To manage and progress the business relationship we share with you.
  • To evaluate your suggested plans to do freelance projects for WorkPar and make ready statistics reports of both governmental and internal.
  • For law enforcement purposes. These include; conducting investigations, protection of the rights of WorkPar and our third parties, protection of the public and users, to prevent all activities that may be viewed as being illegal, unethical, and fraudulent.
  • For the purposes that are presented to you when you present your information knowingly and as the privacy policy further dictates.

The above are the purposes of the use of personal information.

  • To abide by Our Contractual Commitments to You. We process personal information to process the user’s request with the aim of them entering a contract with us and to abide by the obligations of our investors.
  • For Our Legitimate Interests. Due to our legitimate interest in commercial activities, we handle personal information because the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individuals involved are not affected. The commercial activities include:
    • Preparing our Site and Service.
    • The growth and the analyses of our business.
    • Communications involving marketing and all our service inquiries.
    • Protecting our users and managing security needs.
    • Addressing legal issues.
  • To comply with the law. Your personal information can be used and disclosed under the circumstances that are allowed by the law.


Information we collect from you is retained for at least five years. Information that was collected for verification of your identity is retained for 30 days only. This changes if you request that your information be deleted. Copies made for backup may also hold your information for long. You must keep updating the information you provided us if it changes. This makes sure we have the correct information about you.


Information that we may share with third parties includes non-identifying information and hashed information. Your personal information is not shared with third parties unless you approve the sharing. As otherwise prescribed in the privacy policy, we may also share the information we have collected about you, including Personal Information, as disclosed at the time you provide your information with your consent,


To help us know how different people use our site through technology, we work with vendors and advertising agencies. Advertisements that may please you are sent by these vendors. If uninterested you can always choose to opt-out of the user-based advertisements.


You can update the type of communications you want to be receiving from us on your online account. You can also cancel the receiving of marketing emails from us. there are certain communications relating to your account that we reserve the right to send even though you have opted to receive marketing communications. The messages are always about service and administrative announcements. For any text message received you can reply with STOP opt-out. For mobile the app users and desktop browsers users, you will receive push notifications which you can opt not to receive through the device settings.


We take steps to protect and secure data of all WorkPar users that we collect and store. We use TLS technology (transport layer security) to encrypt all access to the website. SSL (secure socket layer) technology is used in the encryption of more sensitive information. We add additional security to all WorkPar users using HTTP transport security. Our users should note that no mode of data transformation on the internet is secure. We always strive to protect personal data and offer no security guarantees to our users.


WorkPar is based in the Us. We process personal information in the US and from elsewhere. This means other nationalities can use our services too. Since data protection and services are not similar in all countries the protection strategies on this privacy policy are used.


There are links on our website that can lead you to third party websites. This does not make our website similar to theirs. We do not control these. Therefore, you should make sure that you read their privacy policies and statements of all websites you visit. These websites also use cookies and may collect personal data from you. This makes the need to go through their privacy policies inevitable.


On the account portal, you can change the privacy settings of your profile if you want because profiles created on our website are accessible by the public.


As technology evolves day in day out, WorkPar is forced to make updates to keep up to the new trends. Changes become effective after being posted. Changes that may affect your personal information are displayed via notices before they are activated. Email may also be used if we decide so. If you do not know about the revised policies your information is used as per the privacy policy in place when you submitted the information.


Feel free to contact us if you have any issues concerning this privacy policy. Contact us at our website and our email,